Mobile Application Development

We develop the mobile applications that provide specific demand of business and concurrently impress our clients. Our experts develop apps for iPhone, iPad, Symbian, Windows and Android Mobile applications.

Our primary focus is to provide our client professional, cost effective mobile apps.

iOS Mobile Application Development
Our iOS team develops mobile applications for full range of mobile tablets and develop the apps on HTML5 which is compatible with all mobile devices. Our iOS apps can run on tablets, iPhone, iPads and PDAs, we deliver projects on time and within the client budget.

Android Mobile Application Development
We have skilled mobile application development teams at Infortecor who can deliver mobile apps for all platforms and devices. Our mobile application development team has ability to ensure high functional and appealing to end user.

iPhone Application Development
Our expert team develops iPhone applications that take benefit of the following iPhone technologies like multi-touch edge, GPS, accelerometer, propinquity sensor, address book and calendar which will benefit both the customers and clients.

iPad Application Development
Infortecor provides excellent iPad apps to customers at economical rate and our teams are dedicated in developing complex and interactive iPad apps and we provide iPad apps which are very user friendly.

Other Mobile Applications
Mobile market is controlled by Apple iOS and Android, but there are other mobile platforms that cannot be elapsed, Infortecorp covers all other mobile platforms and our mobile testing teams are skilled in developing the apps for OS like

  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Java ME-J2ME